What Senior Golf Pros Still Give Lessons

Many senior golf pros have given lessons and have made a difference in the world of golf for many people. One woman who offers lessons is Michelle Dube in Tijeras Creek. Michelle uses computerized equipment that enhances the student’s ability to further perfect their swing and create more distance with the ball and the club.

The lessons focus on putting, pitching, chipping and the full swing. The classes also include the mental golf workshop to get your mind fit for playing golf as well as your body. If you need lesson, she does have a website for finding out more information about her lessons and dates.

Kylee Naffziger and Mark Holiday who are PGA professionals give lessons on the full swing, chipping and putting. They are located in Bridger Creek. They offer group lessons, ladies lessons, peewee lessons, turf mites, and a Nike full day camp to learn all about golf. You can also request private lessons with either one when your schedule works better.


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They are there for the young players to the senior golf player and teach you the art of golfing to win. If you opt for private lessons, they run about forty-five minutes and then you also have playing time.

If you want to play senior golf like the pros, you are going to want a pro to give you some lessons. Phil Mickelson needed some help from coach Butch Harmon to get his swing back. He was lacking in form and posture and not doing real well in his game.

Nevertheless, with the help of someone who has been there and done that he is back in form and riding on top. If you want to learn how to play like a pro, who better to teach you than a pro who has experience and can watch your every move and help in areas you need help with.

You might even want to take some lessons from the PGA association professionals as well. Imagine having someone teach you how to play golf according to how the senior golf pros play. Not only do you benefit from this type of lesson, but also you do receive the finest training around.

The PGA offers lessons by different age groups and can offer more ways to benefit from your swing. They have a website that gives more information about training and lessons for young and senior golf players.

Many pros and organizations offer golf lessons where you will actually learn what you need to know before heading out on the fairway. Something’s you also learn is proper golf etiquette, which is very important in any golf setting. Between lessons and manners and the rules of golf, you will be on your way to becoming a scratch senior golf player in no time.

The amount of time you spend with lessons and the practice will also account for what type of a senior golfer you will become. Once you learn the sport, you will want to learn some new techniques that that pro’s know about already.

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