The Top 5 Senior Golf Champion Tour Winners With More Than Twenty Wins

Senior golf pros have made a name for themselves. The top five leaders in first place wins include Hale Irwin, Lee Trevino, Gil Morgan, Miller Barber and Bob Charles. All but one, Miller Barber continues to play in 2007. They stay fit and in shape to keep up the pace of playing on the senior golf circuit.

Hale Irwin won the Champion Tour forty-five times. Hale turned pro in 1968 followed by an incredible career in the senior golf circle that ranks him higher then any other senior pro. In his career as a pro golfer, Hale not only holds first place in wins, but he has had forty-three second place wins and twenty-two third places wins as well. As of September 28, 2007, Hale has played two hundred and ninety events with eighteen this year so far.

Lee Trevino won the Champion Tour twenty-nine times. Turning pro in 1960, Trevino has played in three hundred and eighty events as of September 28, 2007, and has a record in second place with twenty-six wins and third place with fifteen wins. So far this year Lee has played only five events.


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Gil Morgan won the Champion Tour twenty-five times. Morgan turned pro in 1972, which lead to his third place standing in wins. In second place Gil won twenty-seven times and twenty-four times, he came in third place.

These stats are calculated up to September 28, 2007. Morgan has played two hundred and seventy-nine events with twenty-three this year.

Miller Barber won the Champion Tour twenty-four times. After turning pro, Miller has played in six hundred and three events taking second place sixteen times and twenty-one times for third place. As of September 28, 2007, Miller stills holds his fourth place standing in total career wins.

Bob Charles won the Champion Tour twenty-three times. After turning pro in 1960, Charles went on to not only hold fifth in first place wins, he has twenty-nine second place wins and twenty-two third place wins. His overall performance includes four hundred and eighty-six events played as of September 28, 2007 with six being played this year.

Although these senior golf pros continue to play the circuit, they do hold different rankings for monetary awards. Charles in ranked eighteenth in championship money awards while Lee comes in twelfth. They continue to play and heat up the Champion Tour wherever they go including the PGA circuit.

These top five senior golf pros take golfing to a new level and help to encourage other seniors to continue golfing even if they are not with the pros. Senior golfing is a great way to stay in shape and the pros have definitely shown us this as they continue to play some the hardest golf courses around the country.

Some of the courses they play are harder than others and the skill level changes from course to course. Still they continue to play and delight crowds that travel great distances to see them match wits with other senior golf pros.

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