The Best Fly Fishing Knots

Fly fishing is a very interesting thing to do. The country is rich with different types of body of water that one may go for fly fishing. Many people are already involved I fly fishing and other recreational but adventurous activities. This hobby is safe if you are going to apply the necessary precautions and the environmental codes. In addition, you have to use proper tools and equipments in order to minimize accidents and therefore saving your life.

Fly fishing has already taken a leap in terms of popularity. More and more people each year go out and try fly-fishing. In addition to that, these people continuously scout shops and shows all over the country. Fly-fishing has really gone a little further now.

There are many things to consider before one may actually involve himself in fly-fishing. The equipments to be used are the primary concern of one who wished to be involved in fly-fishing. There are also places in the country that protected by the government from any hunters and the like. Be sure to accomplish the permission forms needed before one ca hunt. Above all, fly-fishing is an outdoor activity that is why you have to be prepared of other accessories like compass, signaling device, first-aid kits and whatever accessory that is important for traveling and outdoor activities.


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The primary equipments that are needed for fly-fishing is the hunting gear. In this type of hunting, the gear is the fishing rod and other accessories mounted to it. The flies are also important. These little luring devices are considered as the baits for the fishes. The fishing lines must have met the needed requirement for every size of fish desired to be caught.

Flies are not permanent accessory that is attached to the rod or more specifically to the fishing line. There are many varieties of flies that one may find I the market or plainly in the internet. Flies have hooks attached to it for catching fishes. These flies are joined to the fishing line by means of the knotting.

Knotting is necessary skill to be learned by all fly-fisher. These require constant practice and patience. The type of knots will tell whether your flies will be strong and not easily be broken. There are different types of knots to different fly types and also different types of knots for different strength of the system.

Here are some of the different effective knots that can be used for fly-fishing:

• Tube Knot or Nail Knot – This is a type of knot that is used to join the fly or the hook together with the string. By holding the curve of the hook or the head tip of the fly, make several loops starting at least 1 ½ inch from the tip of the hook or the fly. Lock the knot by inserting the free string into the loop and pulling it so that the knot will be tightly joined together.

• Blood Knot – this is a type of knot used to join both string together. This is done by making loops all over the body of the string from the tip. You do this in both string in such a way that both string coiled by each other. Do not make the loops tight while you coil it into to string. You will see a loop in the center of the coil and that is where you are to insert the front tip of the string for locking.

• Clinch Knot – used to connect the fly into the string. This done by inserting the string into any hole that can be found in the fly. Afterwards you make several loops around the string and locking it up into the string itself by means of inserting the front tip into a loop and pulling it so tight.

These are few of the knotting techniques that you may apply. For more knotting styles and techniques, you may browse the internet or buy books about knotting or fly-fishing.

Be sure to always practice the skill in order to master knotting.


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