Tackle For Fly Fishing

Want to catch the big fish? Find the best fly fishing flies you can have.

Your fly fishing flies is the answer to your questions on how to catch the big fish available in the water. Your fly fishing flies are one of the most important parts of a fishing activity. For without a fly in your line, you can’t actually attract and get as many fish.

Fly fishing flies, commonly known as “pattern” to fishing enthusiasts, are artificial lures tied in your line that are made up with thread, feathers, and fur. Sometimes flies are composed with lead (for the weight), tinsels, beads, ribbons, and other different kind of materials.


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For you to know, flies are different to lures. Lures are bait with enough weight that can be thrown on a conventional tackle. While a fly is distinguished by lack of weight and must be attached to a fly rod, because only a fly rod can be bent by a fly line.

In finding your best fly fishing flies, there are thousands of them in the market. You can find them in any sport fishing stores near you. Fly fishing flies are designed with different accessories and are categorized for best results, these are the following:

• Dry fly- it resembles like an insect that floats along the water surface. Dry fly must be tied on a light hook so it can float easily. The technique of using a dry fly is to require it to a long drying period so if you will use it again, it can float again in the water perfectly. To float the dry fly, you must whip it in several rapid strokes of to the airborne fly line, known as false casting into the air. In catching the fish by using a dry fly, it is advisable to fish downstream as the fish is easier to get.

• Wet fly- it resembles like an insect that is under the water. Wet fly can attract fish as it imitate some aquatic insects, drowned insects, and larvae in early or last stages that swims up to the surface to hatch. Wet flies are tied with tail, wings, body, and a soft hackle. The technique of using it is to fish it down or across swing. As the fly line is cast across to the stream along the current and then carries it downstream until the line is in direct position of the user.

• Streamer fly- it mimic to an injured or dead fish. If you’re catching some predatory fish, streamer fly is the best. This is because the predatory fish will bite the streamer out of curiosity while protecting their spawning spots.

• Nymph fly- it resembles like an insect living underwater. It mimics leeches and larvae. In using the nymph fly, you must tie it on a heavier hook so to keep it underwater for long period.

Before placing your flies, the practice of proper fly tying is very important. You can learn it from different fishing books, online fishing sites, or preferably using your own imagination.

Finally, the best move in finding your preferred bait or fishing flies is to ask other experienced anglers or fishers. Ask them for advice and tips on how flies really work.

They can really help on your objective of catching the big fish. For in your fishing fly, you can get the fish you’re waiting for. Good luck!


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