Scuba diving Belize

Getting to know the reefs when scuba diving Belize

Belize, located in Central America is not only known because of the many cultural and traditional festivities of the area but it’s also famous because it’s blessed with abundantly beautiful reefs. Not many may have heard and talked about Belize, but once you try scuba diving Belize, you’ll never be able to stop talking about the wonders of its reefs and its marine life.

So, take time to plan a vacation or a scuba diving trip to the wonderful island of Belize. Scuba diving Belize should be one of your itinerary and activities when you drop by this place, so you’ll not only enjoy the people and its lands, but the aquatic life as well.


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If you go scuba diving the waters of Belize, you’ll be fascinated with the colorful and life-filled reefs, because of the many kinds and types of reefs they have, let’s learn what these are to appreciate more when we get to see them underwater.

Exploring the sea floors of Belize will let you encounter a number of reef classes, including fringing reefs, patch reefs, faroes, barrier reefs, and atolls. Learning before you meet these reefs has its advantages, so, read through and surely, after you’ll know things about these reefs, you’ll be dying to suit up and dive in.

The Fringing Reef is located at Rocky Point on the northern end of Ambergris Caye, and is found near the mainland shores so you can actually walk among the coral skeletons. The Patch Reefs range from small to big clumps of corals, and its spread widely throughout the coastal zone.

Faroe, which is commonly known as shelf atoll, is a ringed reef and mostly divided into three major areas — the outer rim, the inner lagoon, and inner patch reefs. The Barrier Reef looks like a continuous wall of coral, and has distinct zones — back reef lagoon, which are the hard corals and sea grass beds, and fore reef, which forms massive canyons called spurs and grooves, and makes an awesome diving site.

The Coral Atolls is composed of three Belizean atolls and is considered as the finest in the Caribbean Sea; these three atolls are — Turneffe Islands, which is the largest, has mangrove covered sand cays, Lighthouse Reef, which is the smallest, supports a diversity of living reefs, spurs and grooves, and Glover’s Reef, which is surrounded by well-defined reefs of living corals.

See, these are only the reefs, just imagine how much more you’ll see down there — the creatures and aquatic beings that reside and visit these reefs. Scuba diving Belize makes your Caribbean trip a more meaningful one, so pass by the place now and don’t forget to say “hello” to the reefs and its inhabitants. So, when you go scuba diving Belize, make sure you get to tour around the Cayes in the area so you’ll truly enjoy all the reefs underneath.

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