Packing Tips For Exotic Cruise Ship Vacation Destinations

For the more adventurous traveler, cruising affords a great opportunity to see exotic destinations around the world. Thailand, Indonesia, Panama and Brazil are just a few of the locations that are completely accessible when looking for an exotic cruise ship vacation destination. If you desire to travel to the far reaches of the world and experience the unknown from the comfort of a luxurious cruise ship, here are a few tips to keep in mind when packing for an exotic cruise.

Carry On Luggage
Unlike cruises to the Caribbean or the Bahamas, exotic cruise ship vacation destinations will depart from overseas locations.

Because of this, getting to the overseas port will involve a long plane ride from the States before you even arrive. Be sure to pack any necessary toiletries and medications in your carry-on luggage. It is also advisable to pack two pairs of clothing to keep on your person in the event that your suitcase doesn’t make it. Keep in mind that if your luggage is located after the cruise ship departs, it will be sent to the next port of call.


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Even though you will be a tourist in the exotic vacation destination to which you are traveling, it doesn’t hurt to keep in mind local dress codes of modesty.

For women, avoid anything too low cut or tight that might draw unnecessary attention to your person. Men are advised to pack a light pair of pants just in case shorts are frowned upon in some countries.The draw to exotic vacation destinations for many is the sightseeing and adventure that waits for them on shore. Carefully review all of the activities offered in the various ports of call and bring appropriate clothing.

Hiking boots, comfortable sneakers and hefty day packs should all be considered. It is also a good idea to bring a waterproof case for your camera and any documents should you decide to try out water sports during your trip. Remember to pack layers as you can always remove clothes if too hot.

Important Documents
When traveling overseas, you should always keep your passport and photo ID on your person when off the ship.

Read through all regulations carefully as it’s easy to miss details like when original documents are needed versus copies and what visas you are required to purchase. Keep in mind that some ports of call require you to have specific vaccinations and records of such should also be readily accessible.

Miscellaneous Items
While most cruise ships abroad are based on a European-style 220 volt electrical system, there are usually a couple of outlet converters in each room to help travelers from the US accommodate 110 US-style plug outlets. It never hurts to bring more.

You should also bring a watch that can be easily reset to whatever time zone you enter and can also be used as an alarm clock. In addition to these items, keep a small stash of over the counter medications on hand as simple medications can cost a fortune overseas.

While exotic cruise ship vacation destinations require some country specific packing, in general the same rules apply. The more you research, the better prepared you will be to enjoy your vacation.


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