History of Scuba Diving

Ever since the primitive periods, people have been going beneath the surface of the sparkling seas. Meaning, the history of scuba diving can be traced back since time immemorial. It was performed as people were out to collect for food in order for them to survive. What makes it very interesting is that they did not have any equipment for them to stay long under the water. Can you just imagine how tough it was yet they were still able to pull themselves through?

The history of scuba diving was established through artifacts that were found by scientists. It showed illustrations on how the people of before did such. Both men and women, no gender discrimination whatsoever, learned the method of holding their breaths. Eventually, it was handed down by generation to generation albeit; there was constant search on how to have it more improved.

Until this present juncture, even with all the latest equipments out there in the market, there are still some who have kept the century- old tradition.


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When referring to time for the history of scuba diving, it was said to have began in 4500BC when coastal cultures were formed. It was established in the ancient villages of China, Greece and Mesopotamia. There is even a probability that it was also the same as with the other parts of the globe. However, there were not much evidences gathered. It was brought upon as a form of hunting, trading and combating.

Between 1194BC to 1184BC, the history of scuba diving would render that in the height of the Trojan Wars there were soldiers tasked to dive that they may sabotage the vessels of the enemies. They cut down anchor ropes or built fortresses underwater. By 1000BC, one of the noble Greeks, Homer, mentioned in one of his writings that there were sponge fishermen who plunged to about 100 feet by holding a huge stone.

It goes to say that majority knew little of the dangers that could have been the immediate consequence. It could also have been that they were not really thinking of their safety since people of the olden periods had radical faiths in their idols. Anyhow, when they compensated for the pressure that was increasing on their ears, they just placed oil in the ear canals and put a lot before descent.

When they are at the bottom, they spew out the liquid then cut as many sponges as they can accommodate.

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