Discount Cruises: Great Vacation at a Cheap Price

What could be more relaxing and a romantic vacation than going on vacation on a cruise ship. If you are considering taking a vacation, taking a cruise should be on your list. It is a great way to spend vacation with your family or consider it as your honeymoon getaway. Many people would really like to go on a cruise because of the beauty and comfort this type of vacation can offer.

Imagine, a week or more of thinking of nothing but relaxing. As you are traveling to an exotic location in a cruise ship, you won’t have the same amenities and services as you would in traveling by plane. It’s true that planes can take you to your location faster but, cruise ships offer comfort and a lot more activities while traveling. You can take a dip in the cruise ship’s swimming pool while enjoying the view of the fantastic ocean or you can socialize with other passengers in the bar. At night, you can have a luxurious dinner on a real dining room, unlike on cramped spaces on airplanes. You can also have a relaxing massage with the cruise ship’s onboard masseuse. Traveling by cruise ships can get you to your vacation spot more relaxed and more satisfied that traveling by airplane.

However, many people believe that traveling by cruise ships can be expensive. This is a common misconception of people. There are different cruise travel packages that can suit almost every type of people. If you can afford it, you can take the more expensive package that will include butlers tending to your bar in your own suite or if you prefer to save money, you can try the economy class. Both of this is basically the same, if you’re traveling in economy class, you won’t be treated as an outcast or an unwelcome guest.


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The crews in cruise ships are very professional and treats economy class passengers the same as they would treat first class passengers. The only difference is that a first class passenger has bigger rooms and usually has butler services.

All passengers can mingle in the ship’s bar and in the casino. All can use the facilities in the ship, like swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and others.

The food offered in cruises has wide variety, you can choose to have a luxurious dinner or you can simply have hamburgers or hotdogs for lunch. Whatever you want, it’s usually all there.

Here are some tips that you can use as a guide when you want to have a cheap cruise.

• Inquire in travel agencies. A good travel agent can provide you with great cruises that can suit your tastes in travel. He or she can find the best cruise available with your budget. Tell your travel agent on how much you are willing to spend on a cruise and how many will be traveling with you. They usually can always get you the best deals possible even in your limited budget. Just remember to find a travel agent that specializes in cruise travels and vacations.

• Booking early means discounts. Cruise lines offer big discounts for customers who book early. Booking a month early before the cruise can give you great discounts. Cruise lines offer early bird discounts because they want to fill their ships early.

• Booking late also means big discounts. It cannot be avoided that some passengers will cancel the trip on the last minute. This would make cruise lines offer big discounts to fill their ships.

• Inquire about theme packages. Theme packages are great if you are traveling with your family or a group of friends. Many cruise line companies offer discount for group travelers. Also, if you are traveling for your honeymoon, most cruise lines offer honeymoon discounts.

• Look for packages in the internet. Visit cruise websites to find out about different cruise line packages and their prices. Here, you will have a wide variety of choices for cruise packages and you can also compare the price. There are also some cruise lines that offer online booking discounts.


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• If you have traveled in cruise ships before, it is recommended that you travel again on the same cruise line that you traveled with before. Many cruise lines offer discounts for repeat passengers.

Here is something that you should keep in mind. A real bargain is not by basing it on the price alone but it should be based on how you are satisfied with the trip. If a cruise exceeds your expectations and you go home happy and satisfied, then that’s a real bargain. Going on cruise vacation should be enjoyable and relaxing. If you paid on a cheap cruise but didn’t get what you expected, then it is a failed vacation.

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