African Adventure Tours

We often link lions, tigers, giraffes, and other wild animals with Africa, not to mention the picture of the desert and a scorching sun when we hear the name. However, Africa is a diverse country that has various and rich resources; from its great wildlife, to its vast deserts, to some of the nicest beaches. If adventure is at the top of your list, then this huge region is the place to explore.

African adventure tours can be done either on an adventure wildlife tour, a soothing campfire vacation, or simply be in one of the top hotels in Africa’s beachfront places. African adventure tours that take on the wildlife, like African Safari Tours are the most popular among adventure seekers, as it involves exploring more of the famous national parks, getting closer with the wild, and rediscovering the wonders of nature. Here are some great African adventure tours that you can add to your list:

Getaway Africa – Walking Safari Kruger National Park
This African adventure tour allows you to get an incredible up close and personal experience of the Kruger National park. This is a four-day, three-night walking safari adventure in Ngala’s unique wilderness which contains the best African wildlife. Exceptional game viewing is part of this African adventure tour, whether watching a herd of elephants from a safe distance, or tracking rhinos, the thrill and excitement is never off.


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Enjoy delicious meals around campfire and the services of expert rangers that provide a high standard for the tour. This walking safari offers a combination of walking safari in the bush with the comfort of nice fully equipped tented camps.

Getaway Africa – Garden Route Tour (South Africa)
This African adventure tour diverts from the sands of the desert to awesome mountain scenery. The stunning and enchanting Garden Route in the Western Cape of South Africa hides amidst it several sparklers including the Route 62 through the Little Karoo semi desert region and off course the lush rain forests.

This African adventure tour is a four-day Garden route which gives you a great way to see the famous part of South Africa.

Getaway Africa – Kayak Tour Lake Malawi
This African adventure tour will indulge your ‘castaway’ fantasy. Enjoy the comfort and tranquil camps on Mumbo Island and Domwe Island in the southern part of Lake Malawi. Kayak and dive amongst multi-colored fish, snorkel and go beachcombing on this beautiful lake where relaxation and comfort go hand in hand. This eight-day tour is in one of Africa’s first World Heritage Sites, the Lake Malawi National Park.

Other African adventure tours that may give you that great outdoor quest are safari vacation packages such family safaris, Kilimanjaro climbs, spa destinations, escorted holidays, and a lot more that you can choose from.

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