Africa Adventure Tours

Summary: Africa adventure tours have several safaris to choose from that will bring you to places with interesting and scenic views.

Many people are looking for adventure to spice up their vacation rather than just reading a book while sunbathing on a beach so as to make the best of their time away from the usual routine back at home, Some say that adventure is only for the young spirited individuals, but not true. The young and young at heart have only one definition of adventure..

it is anything that gives excitement beyond ordinary. Adventure is what makes the young at heart always young!


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If you are the kind of person who is inclined to adventure, you will most likely find a place that can provide you highest satisfaction in terms of adventurous activities, right? For that matter, African adventure tours is the thing for you for they offer the best safari you’ll never ever forget. Why choose Africa for your adventure vacation?

For one, we all know that Africa is where many different kinds of animals can be seen, and secondly Africa is a land with breathtaking views, incomparable wildlife, and soaked in rich culture.

Africa adventure tours are mostly camping trips if you want to visit Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls, Zambia, the Okavango Delta, Kruger national Park, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Kenya, and Zanzibar. Be aware that most of the Africa adventure tours are not luxury tours so for this reason, have an open mind, be prepared for what could be a rough trip but just enjoy every unique experience there is.

The Africa Adventure Tours offers you the best travel guide for your African adventure vacation. They have several Africa adventure tours for you to choose from, such as South Africa adventure tours, Namibia adventure tours, Southern Africa adventure tours, Uganda and Rwanda Gorilla Safaris, and Botswana adventure tours.

The transportation for any short adventure safari tours is by minibus with a trailer for your luggage and for the long adventure tours is through specially converted Mercedes trucks that are completely self-contained with all the necessary things needed, like supply of fresh water, fuel, and food stocks and a space to put your baggages.

The South Africa adventure tours offers 15 different safaris to choose from in experiencing the world in one country on a tour through the endless landscape of South Africa: from a 3 day Kalahari Transfrontier Park safari to a 20 day South African Explorer Cape Town to Johannesburg.

Namibia adventure tours includes 14 different safari choices that will take you to the world’s oldest desert, Namib, to the seemingly barren stretches of the skeleton Coast and the wide game rich plains of Etosha National park: from a 5- day Etosha and Himba tribes-Swakopmund to Windhoek to a 15- day Orynx and Himba Safari- Windhoek to Namib desert. This tour will touch the lonely part of your soul, leaving you with a deeper understanding of yourself.

Southern Africa adventure tours consist of 23 adventure tours. South Africa is one of the most preferred adventure destinations for they offer an ultimate adventure tour: from a 5-day Kruger Park Bushveld safari to a 24-day tropical trek for the rivers and lakes of Botswana, Zambia, and Malawi.
For Uganda and Rwanda Gorilla safaris.

This is where you can find the Mountain Gorilla in its natural habitat in the lush green jungles of Uganda and Rwanda.
Botswana adventure tours offers 3 choices of safari tours wherein you will experience the magic of Botswana’s Okavango Delta and the barren beauty of the Kalahari Desert on a memorable adventure tour. A very big part of Africa is devoted to wildlife sanctuaries and the unspoilt wilderness areas are widely acknowledged as offering the finest viewing in Africa: from a 7-day Botswana Bushtracks, which is from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls, to a 16-day Botswana overland camping safari.


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Africa adventure tours are made up of many safaris to choose from to suit your personal preference. Each of the adventure tours offers exciting visits to places with breathtaking panoramic views, more beautiful that how we have seen them in pictures, magazines, movies, or television.

Aside from the natural beauty of the country, there you watch in awe, the splendor of the different kinds of animals that you can never find all together in any country. I always wonder why only in Africa can one find such beautiful wild animals.

What is it about Africa and its enchanting safaris ? Find the answer for yourself and experience the wonders of Africa.

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