A New Life Down Under

According to the 2005 IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, Australia is the best place in the world to live! That’s probably why so many people dream of starting a new life down under and apply for immigration to the Australian authorities annually.

The desirability of Australia stems from so many factors – it is a country where the quality of life achievable is very high, the employment prospects are plentiful, the education available is world class and the health care facilities are very good – but to achieve permanent residence status in Australia can be very tricky because the amount of competition for the limited number of visas granted each year is intense.

Those who are serious about starting a new life down under in Australia have a number of ways they can apply for residency.


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Those who have a specific skill set that is in demand in Australia can apply for immigration for their entire family via the Skilled Visa Program.

Ironically, despite the fact that demand for visas to live, study and work in Australia is so intense, in 2004 not enough people applied for immigration under this particular scheme!

Those who are initially put off at the thought of having to prove their background experience in a given profession and demonstrate their skills should actually take confidence in the fact that if they genuinely DO have the skills they say they do and their profession appears on the Skilled Program list of in-demand skills, they stand an excellent chance of acceptance if they just apply yourself to the immigration process associated with this visa type.

People who find the thought of having to fill in a million forms and attend lots of interviews to be accepted for immigration frightening need to prepare themselves, because whichever program you apply under you will be subjected to a series of interviews, you will have to fill in a plethora of paperwork but the end result, if you’re granted a visa, will be so well worth it.

Cities like Sydney and Melbourne in Australia are some of the most exciting, interesting and fun cities in the whole world.

The lifestyle is laid back and informal and yet the cities are sophisticated and chic. If you’re serious about wanting to start a new life in Australia, taking a trip to Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane, Perth or Cairns will only make your desire even more intense.

Australia is a country blessed with fine weather, fun people and of course a stunning and diverse natural landscape.

If you already have family living in Australia you could apply for a visa to reside in Australia permanently via the Partner, Child, Parent or Other Family Migration schemes.

Other alternatives are available for those who already have a business they wish to relocate to Australia or those who intend to establish a business down under and employ local people.


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Refugees have a special visa type they can apply for and the final option available to anyone with plenty of money is to invest a fixed sum into a bank in Australia for a given period of time.

Whichever method suits your personal circumstances best, make sure you do everything within your power to make your dream of a new life down under come true.

Seeing as Australia has been voted the best place in the world to live, demand for residency is only likely to intensify as we all move to Australia to get the best quality of life possible!

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