10 – Cedar Lodge in Yosemite

It’s difficult not to fall in love with the Yosemite National Forest. With its endless activities and many sights, a one-day journey would not be enough. Different lodgings can be found near the Yosemite National Forest. These various lodgings were an outcome of the rise of tourists particularly during the summer season.

The Cedar Lodge in Yosemite provides guests with majestic views. It pushes 27 acres of tranquil land along the Merced River, and is easily located just 8 miles from the west entryway of Yosemite. All 211 spaces are supplied with their own fridges and balconies.

The varied room types used by the Cedar Lodge in Yosemite range from: living room, to honeymoon suites, to a master suite that accommodates approximately fourteen people. Every room is also handicap-accessible.

Other featured facilities of the Cedar Lodge in Yosemite include outside and indoor pools, gift shop, barroom, sports bar, a personal beach that provides access to the Merced River, 50’s diner, and the very best views from each of the room’s veranda.

The Cedar Lodge in Yosemite is among the Yosemite Motels that are run by the Fishers household. Other residential or commercial properties of the household consist of the Yosemite View Lodge which is a more glamorous and pricey version of the Cedar Lodge in Yosemite.

There are several activities that you can delight in while staying at the Cedar Lodge in Yosemite. You can either invest some of your time fishing, or you can attempt river rafting, or just choose a peaceful walk along the banks of the Merced River.

And given that it is quickly a brief range to the Yosemite National Forest, it leaves you lots of time to do other things outside the park. Mariposa lies near the Cedar Lodge in Yosemite, and is a terrific place to check out also. You can go there to see the California Mining and Mineral Museum.

The Cedar Lodge in Yosemite needs a one-day deposit (with 10% tax) from guests and accepts Visa and MasterCard payments. A $7.50 charge is charged for any cancellation.

Those made more than seven days (fourteen days on holidays) from date of arrival will be given their refunds however will still be charged the $7.50 charge. Cancellations done within the seven days before the guests’ arrival date shall be charged an additional 25% of the deposit, on top of the $7.50 cancellation cost.

Going on a journey to the Yosemite National Park does not mean that enjoyable starts and ends within the limits of the park.

While it is the highlight of your travel, it is not the only one that can provide you with fond memories. The Cedar Lodge in Yosemite offers some more factors to enjoy your stay.

Various lodgings can be discovered near the Yosemite National Park. The Cedar Lodge in Yosemite offers visitors with majestic views. And considering that it is easily a short distance to the Yosemite National Park, it leaves you plenty of time to do other things outside the park. Mariposa is located near the Cedar Lodge in Yosemite, and is a great location to visit.


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